MP Security Training Center's Mission             

Historically, employees in the Security Profession are under-trained for the demanding job they do. Often working alone, they must handle dangerous situations while awaiting Police response. MPSTC is dedicated to providing quality Defensive Tactics and Firearms training to select members of the Private Security Community throughout Chicagoland. We host a variety of classes in tactics that most Private Law Enforcement Professionals seldom get access to. Whether it is an employer seeking to offer their employees better training, an individual Officer looking to improve their skill-set, or someone hoping to break into the business, MPSTC is the right choice. Check our SECURITY TRAINING link above for information about available classes. 

Additionally, MPSTC recognizes the need for civilians to protect themselves in their day to day lives. We live in an increasingly violent time and it has never been more important to plan for your personal safety. For that reason, MPSTC is proud to offer the NRA's "Refuse To Be A Victim" course. The seminar teaches easy‑to‑understand methods you can use to increase awareness and prevent criminal confrontation.  Further information about this course can be found HERE. Go to CONTACT to request information about upcoming seminars or to inquire about hosting one for your organization.

Finally, for anyone wishing to go a step further in their Personal Protection Planning, MPSTC provides a wide variety of firearms training courses to civilians for both home defense and advanced concealed carry skills.